HPX V0.9.11 (Nov 11, 2015)

Our main focus for this release was the design and development of a coherent set of higher-level APIs exposing various types of parallelism to the application programmer. We introduced the concepts of an executor, which can be used to customize the where and when of execution of tasks in the context of parallelizing codes. We extended all APIs related to managing parallel tasks to support executors which gives the user the choce of either using one of the predefined executor types or to provide its own, possibly application specific, executor. We paid very close attention to align all of these changes with the existing C++ Standards documents or with the ongoing proposals for standardization.

This release is the first after our change to a new development policy. We switched all development to be strictly performed on branches only, all direct commits to our main branch (master) are prohibited. Any change has to go through a peer review before it will be merged to master. As a result the overall stability of our code base has significantly increased, the development process itself has been simplified. This change manifests itself in a large number of pull-requests which have been merged (please see below for a full list of closed issues and pull-requests). All in all for this release, we closed almost 100 issues and merged over 290 pull-requests. There have been over 1600 commits to the master branch since the last release.

General Changes
Breaking Changes
Bug Fixes (Closed Tickets)

Here is a list of the important tickets we closed for this release.